Ross Mernyk
A Profile
Ross in his lab

Son of a factory worker and a piano teacher, hard work and academics came naturally to Ross. They led him to an early morning newspaper route, and later to a private coed liberal arts school. There Ross discovered his aptitude for the maths and sciences, which enabled him to install and manage their first multi-user computer system.

Ross accepted admission to MIT, where he studied a diverse curriculum of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and psychology. Seeking a challenge, Ross majored in electrical engineering. Excelling in all his design courses, he was eager to put this flair to use. So he took a year off to design office phone systems, before returning to MIT and finishing his course work in 1985. He began to work full time immediately, completing his thesis and earning his BSEE degree in 1987.

Of several job offers after college, Ross chose the one which promised the broadest range of experience, at Endeco Inc. As part of a small engineering team, Ross was exposed to every aspect of environmental monitoring systems design. On the technical side, he learned micro-controller design, low-power circuitry, real-time programming, device communications, and instrument data acquisition, telemetry, and processing. But he also learned the human side of engineering  -  teamwork, project planning, company representation, public speaking, and technical writing.

Ross returned to New York City in 1988, and began consulting full time at once. As a consultant Ross honed his skills, adding ergonomics and a polished look to all his designs, and maturing his business sense and his professional image. From his electronics and computer lab, Ross continues to design innovative electronic sensing equipment today.

Updated: September 15, 2007