My Bike Lights
by Ross Mernyk
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The Story

Last year I walked into a local bike shop and asked for their brightest bicycle headlight. They said $600. My girlfriend was with me and said she wouldn't pay that for a bicycle! Thus started my saga. I decided to go with a 12 volt system, and use automotive lights, which are cheap and super-bright, but are heavy. My whole rig adds about 13 pounds to my 36 pound bike. But since I ride for exercise, the extra weight will eventually come off my body!

Whenever I ride at night (mostly in and around Prospect Park, in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY) I get comments and questions about my lights. Riders and joggers pull over figuring I'm a car. Racers see my taillight half a mile back, and tell me so. I think my rig is the best and brightest lighting system for bicycles. It took some work. Here's how I did it...

Pricing Note
Headlight High Beam

Headlight Low Beam



Battery Charger

Terminal Block




Rear Bike Bag

Misc Mounting Stuff

Run Time Note

Updated: February 4, 2009